God doesn’t hear me

I have a very bad habit of saying, “Hey will you pray for me about this situation because apparently God isn’t hearing my prayers.” I have said this statement, jokingly, for years. But after today, I will never say it again.

What does it mean for someone to “hear” you? Does it mean you receive a response in return of your request/statement? Well, I attended a 4 hour lecture today and heard every word my professor said and I didn’t respond to him once. Therefore, just because you don’t receive a response, doesn’t mean you weren’t heard. Stick with me for a second will ya?

*Text from mama*

Mama: Turn the oven on for the pizza. I’ll be home in 5 minutes.

*I read the text, don’t respond, and turn the oven on in 5 minutes*

I did not respond to my mamas text but I took action on what she asked me to do. And that is exactly how God works sometimes. You’re not always going to hear an “okay I’m on it”…”sure thing”…”consider it done”…when you pray to God about something. Sometimes he just does what you ask without giving you any type of response. Instead of responding, he acts.

Now heres the tricky part, my scenario of my mama was a 5 minute time frame scenario. Im sure 99.9% of the things we are praying about and asking God for aren’t going to receive this type of quick turnaround. But does that mean you stop having faith and feel like he’s not hearing you the moment it takes longer than 5 minutes for him to answer your prayers?

Now imagine how I would feel if my mama pulled up in the yard and accused me for not turning the oven on when I clearly did, she just doesn’t know because she’s outside…she’s not even in the house. That’s how God feels when we say he doesn’t hear our prayers, just because we can’t see our request being fulfilled at that exact moment. Maybe your request is in the oven baking and being prepared and you have no idea because you’re outside and haven’t walked in the door yet.

We accuse him for not hearing us when in reality he already has our request in the works! Listen, God hears you. Even if you don’t get the response you think you should. We’ve proven that someone doesn’t have to respond to hear you nor to act on your request. Trust and believe your request is in the oven and it’ll be ready momentilary. I mean…could you ask for a better baker to prepare your life than God? I think not.

XO, Boost of Love