Let it rain.

While sitting outside on my balcony watching it rain today, I realized how controversial it really is. During biblical times it is documented in the scripture that people prayed for rain. It was the determining factor of their survival according to if their crops yielded a good harvest or not. This was all determined by…rain.

I started thinking about how the concept of rain could also apply to life. When I think about it “raining” in my life, I think of tragedy, heartbreak, death, hard times, etc. I honestly didn’t see rain as such a positive factor as it is described biblically, but then it hit me. Is it the rain that was so vital for the crops or was it the benefits the rain brought? That was it.

Honestly, its not fun when it “rains” in your life. Rain brings some pretty hard times, but think about the transformation that comes afterward. In crops, it brings a harvest and our lives aren’t much different. Most of the time when we go through something, we grow, just like the crops do. So is rain really that bad?

I want to encourage you to change your mindset when it rains in your life. Theres a reason why people in the Bible desired it so strongly…it brought growth, change, a harvest, etc. and it will do the same for you. Just know when it rains, something good is coming soon. That’s how rain works, so let it rain.

“Then I will give you your rains in their season, and the land shall yield its increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.” – Leviticus 26:4