Off-roading with Jesus

I don’t know if you’ve ever been off-roading before but its an execrating experience! The thought of not knowing what is up ahead or where the turn/curve will lead, will keep you coming back for more. And let’s not forget how fun the hills are. Ironically enough, it’s the complete opposite feeling when you’re off-roading with Jesus.

Whether we admit it or not we all have a “subconscious” or conscious plan for our lives. Our plan includes a timeline that is comparable to an interstate. At exit 22 we’re going to graduate from college. At exit 24 we’re going to get our masters degree. At exit 25 we’re going to get married. At exit 26 we’re going to go to the rest stop and take a break. At exit 28 we’re going to have our first child.

But what happens when you’re off-roading with Jesus instead of cruising down the interstate? What happens when you have a child before you planned? What happens when you miss exit 25 to get married? Some peoples lives might play out like an interstate, one way, never missing an exit, always in a forward direction…however, others do not.

Off-roading with Jesus may be a little different than what you’re use to. It may go against the normal timeline of life…but it’s the best path for your life. It may not be straight, instead it may have some curves and turns, you may even miss an exit. Also, hills might not be as fun off-roading with Jesus because there are valleys on the other side but its okay. Why? Because you’re with Jesus. He created you and his perfect plan for your life. So, ditch the interstate and off-road with Jesus.