“I don’t want to be perfect.”

Mission statement:

“To be a role model for others in Christ without portraying a fake imagine of perfection.”

Last night I was thinking, “If I could have a mission statement for my life what would it be?” Basically, I don’t want to be perfect. Even though I’m a Christian, I seriously struggle when other Christians portray themselves to be perfect or that they are living a perfect life. The reason being, it is so discouraging. I believe it truly gives the opposite effect of what they intend for it to.

Now, if I’m a Christian and it discourages me…how do non-believers feel? I have always made it known that I am no where near perfect because I do not want non-believers to look at me and my life and say, “I could never live up to those standards.” No. No you couldn’t. You want to know why? Because humans aren’t perfect and God knows that. You do not have to be perfect to be a Christian. And quite frankly if you think you’re perfect, I would like to attest that you probably aren’t a Christian at all.

Christianity is like a school that you never graduate from. There is always something to learn and improve upon. In my personal experience, Christianity brings out more of my imperfections than perfections. For me, this is because it reveals my flaws, where I can improve, lack of knowledge, etc. As soon as I master one topic…here comes another one that I’m lacking in. As soon as I have erased all hate from my heart, something happens and I need to forgive someone else all over again.

Christianity allows for a constant cycle of betterment, not an arrival to a destination of perfection. Do you understand why I don’t want to be perfect now? It’s a standard set up for failure. However, if I go ahead and accept that I’m flawed, I’m able to accept Christianity better and willingly improve myself without the pressure of perfection. Only God is perfect. Let’s leave meeting that high standard to him, because its something only he can do.

If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.

– 1 John 1:8