“Be moldable.”

Have you ever felt like you had it all figured out? That you had finally reached a point in your life where you’re a good person? Then something happens, someone corrects you, or you attend a church service, and you think, “Crap, I have to work on that too.”

Being humbled doesn’t always feel good, but its necessary. However, whats the point of having a humbling experience and letting it be just that…an experience? Why not use it as fuel for change? “Change? Why do I need to change? I was just feeling like I had it all figured out?” Yeah I know but thats when we remember we’re the clay.

In Jeremiah chapter 18, God tells Jeremiah to go to the potters house and he will give him a message there. As Jeremiah is watching the potter working with clay, he observes that the potter shaped the pot with his hands exactly how he wanted it to be. God then tells Jeremiah that we are like the clay in the potters hands and he is the potter.

It’s normal as we age to become smarter, wiser, experienced, and knowledgeable. However, we cannot lose sight of that fact that we’re the clay not the potter. Be careful not to enter into the mindset that you know it all or have officially arrived in life or your Christian walk. Don’t let your clay harden. Don’t let your clay dry out. Be moldable at all times.

Why do you need to be moldable? Because if God being the potter needs to change you, and you are a dry/hard clay its going to hurt a lot more than if you were a wet/soft/moldable clay. If you realize you need to work on something, be better in a certain area, or need to change, be moldable enough to be willing to let God do those things in you. He’s the potter its his job to mold you. Just like you’re the clay and its your job to be moldable.

“Family of Israel, you know that I can do the same thing with you. You are like the clay in the potter’s hands, and I am the potter. This message is from the Lord.” – Jeremiah 18:6