God, take me to the deep end.

While tanning by the pool, I began to get hot so I decided to get in the pool to cool off. I walked to the edge of the pool steps and just stared at the water. I wanted to get in but I knew there was going to be a cold shock since I had been laying out in the hot sun. I eventually stepped on the pool steps and got my feet wet. Then I made my way down until the water hit my waist. There it was. The hardest part: putting the top half of my body underwater.

I kept staring at the deep end of the pool thinking, “Man I really want to go swimming on that side.” But until I experienced the cold shock…the hard part…the part that takes your breath away, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the pool had to offer. So I took my hair down and my shades off and I completely dove in without hesitation so I could get to the deep end. It was then that I immediately thought about Gods plans for our lives. Our lives are like pools with different depths.

We can stand beside it and desire to experience it or we can take the necessary steps to actually do so. It starts by putting our feet in the water, which anyone can do. Thats actually where most people live, feet deep. Where you can back out at any moment, the absolute bare minimum relationship with Christ.Then we can get waist deep, which has a semi-shocking factor, but you’re half way in/half way out. Or as southerners like to say, “riding the fence.” This is where most Christians live, halfway submerged in the shallow end.

Are you okay with living halfway for Jesus? Knowing that just on the other side of the pool, how much more you could experience? If you just went for it…dove in…got your top half/hair wet? Don’t stand halfway in/out the shallow end and desire something thats right in front of you. The only thing between you in the shallow end and you in the deep end is the cold shock. The cold shock is completely temporary. Its not the cold shock that holds us back but its actually the fear of it. The fear of whatever is holding you back is even worse than actually experiencing it. Dive with me. Lets experience all that God has for us. God, take me to the deep end.