God will pre-position you.

I’ve sat in many different places in church. I’ve sat in the front, middle, and back. However, my newest location has shown/taught me more than any other: upstairs in the balcony. Even though I’ve learned things by sitting in previous locations, the balcony has given me a complete overview of the church. Disclaimer: I don’t attend church to observe others but church function happens to be an interest of mine. I’ve seen people praise God like no one else was in the room. I’ve seen people stand during worship and tap their feet. I’ve seen people stand and just hold on to the back on the pew in front of them. I’ve seen people sway to the rhythm of a song. I’ve also seen people who seem as unreceptive as humanly possible.

Why is this important? Because God will pre-position you. Before he ever puts you somewhere he can give you a glimpse of your surroundings/audience. He wants to prepare you for what you will face before he positions you. Its important for me in ministry to be pre-positioned to observe the function of church. Just like its important for an employee to pay attention to how their manager is managing them before they ever acquire a management position. So they will know how it feels to be managed before they ever manage others. The same applies with entry level jobs, promotions, next-level careers, becoming a parent, etc.

Has God pre-positioned you? What is your current position trying to show you about your future position? Don’t take advantage of where you are now just because you’re not where you want to be yet. Take a step back, look at the overview, take notes, and pay attention. Where you are today, will prepare you for your tomorrow. How is God pre-positioning you for your future position? Will you take advantage of the opportunity he is giving you in the position you are now?